Safety – Comfort – Professionalism

In our mind these are the characteristics of a quality trip and this is what we want to give to our clients. Our purpose is not to improvise but to provide a qualified assistance during all the phases of a trip. Our aim is to understand your requirements in order to be able to suggest personalized solutions that can satisfy even the most demanding travellers with responsibility and professionalism but also with flexibility and readiness to respond quickly to possible changes at the last moment.

iso 9001 italia


Since 2008 Oliviero Tours is an ISO certified company



The quality of our staff
Our drivers are reliable, professional and co-operative. In order to be fast and punctual they usually study in advance the itinerary; they are also provided with all technological supports that can guarantee the most safe and relaxing trip in order to respond – if necessary- to any possible emergency in the quickest and most effective way. Our staff is constantly trained to meet to the high standards required by the European law about road safety, first medical aid, evacuation and fire emergency. Furthermore all drivers can speak English to communicate with our several foreign clients, and manage to carry out successfully the frequent trips abroad.
The quality of our vehicles
Our vehicles meet all the latest safety standards. They are housed in secure facilities, which are routinely patrolled by security guards. All the buses in our fleet are equipped with Gps, radio and mobile phone to be always in touch with the headquarter. We have a specialized technician in charge of the routine maintenance of our buses and all their facilities. Our vehicles are daily cleaned, both inside and outside. In case of a breakdown, there is always an extra bus available for a quick and effective replacement. According to our company politics, we change the fleet every 4 years, so that our vehicles are either brand new or half new, fully equipped with all the facilities that can make your journey the most comfortable one: air conditioning system, video, music equipment, fridge, coffee machine, seats appropriate for sleeping with adjustable backrests, arm rest on one side, footrests, cap box, toilet


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